Letters: Does a possible Brown Act violation justify pulling a false fire alarm?

A police sergeant facing misdemeanor charges may have had good reason for her actions

If the Adult Residential Facility closes, my son will have no safe place to go

By Judith K. I am a mother of a beautiful 29 year…

Asian Americans demand stronger gun control

Recent media accounts have drawn attention to certain individuals in the Chinese…

Frightening Embarcadero attack is an opportunity to improve mental health system

By Jennifer Friedenbach Many San Franciscans now have the images of Paneez…

Chase Center: Opulence is the price we pay for a privately-funded arena

Despite all these nods to the team’s new/old home of San Francisco, and to those sitting in non-luxury seats it’s hard to ignore the indulgence of the exclusive offerings.

The justice system must do better

This week, I convened a discussion about building safety in response to…

More crossing guards needed to make our streets safer

Joel Kamisher One pedestrian or bike rider death or injury in San…

Representation matters — now more than ever

Honoring Rose Pak would also demonstrate a recognition that Chinatown and its future matter.

Health care needs to be “disrupted,” but not in the way startups think

By Shannon Brownlee, Benjamin F. Miller, and Vikas Saini To Silicon Valley…

On-call prosecutors for traffic fatalities: the next step toward vision zero SF

By Leif Dautch Our City suffered another tragic traffic fatality this weekend,…

To tackle climate change we need to rethink our food system

By Kathleen Rogers and Dr. Shenggen Fan The way we produce, consume…

Will the real presidential candidate for Asian Americans please show up?

Given that Andrew Yang, the first Chinese American presidential candidate, and Senator…

What I learned from living through the unthinkable

When I was in college decades ago, I found myself feeling a similar mix of grief, shame and disbelief.

Banning assault rifles isn’t the answer. It’s not even a first step.

By Juddson Taube The shootings are coming so fast now, you have…

The district attorney has a role to play in protecting tenants

By Chesa Boudin and Jennifer Fieber San Francisco is in the midst…

The anatomy of a young man’s rage

About a year ago, I met a twenty-something man, whom I’m going to call Z, who talked to me about his rage.

We have a plan. The time to act on reparations is now.

Finally. It only took 150 years, but at last a substantive, realistic,…

Sick of gerrymandering? Join California’s redistricting commission

Panel seeks to end political rigging of voting districts

  • Jul 31, 2019

Researchers set out to map San Francisco’s past

Researchers plan to virtually re-construct the ecology and hydrology of San Francisco pre-European contact