Occupy SF camp not welcome in Mission district

Why does Mayor Ed Lee want to move the Occupy San Francisco camp to the Mission district? We don’t want them. There are too many problems with drug addicts, drug sellers, prostitutes and vagrants here. Putting that group here will only bring more of these people.

The police have enough work to do in this neighborhood; they don’t need anyone adding more work for them. It’s a waste of taxpayer money. And calling the Department of Public Health, police and Department of Public Works has not done any good.

The Occupy SF camp should have been stopped right away. There should never have been any kind of agreement to put tents in that area, or in any area. That’s an excuse on their part to sleep there and do what they want. They have let it go on for too long, and it needs to stop.

C. Castillo, San Francisco

Leave God out of speech

The right-wingers, spurred by their media pundits, are up in arms because President Barack Obama didn’t mention “God” in his Thanksgiving speech.

By keeping the greeting neutral and down to earth, he honored the spirit of our secular Constitution, which should offend no one.

Yet Obama is being hammered for not violating the Constitution and not offending the many who do not necessarily believe in the tenets of organized religion. The president is supposed to represent all of us, not only those who will eagerly grab any opportunity to use anything to separate us.

Jorg Aadahl, San Mateo

GOP needs Hispanic votes

It’s the demographics, stupid. If Republicans seriously intend to win the White House in 2012, they need to garner a higher percentage of Hispanic votes. The 12 million illegal immigrants living and working here for 10 years or more will not be rounded up and deported.

What is needed is a path to legal status (but not putting them ahead of legal applicants) contingent upon Congress putting an end to preferences on the basis of race. When Republicans start thinking along these lines, they will be victorious. Otherwise, get used to the idea of four more years of Obama.

Philip Melnick, San Francisco

Grateful for the 1 percent

A Nov. 28 San Francisco Examiner letter brought up a very good point. Like that letter-writer, I believe that in recent years, many idealistic youngsters — mainly from middle-class homes — have been duped into fad educational majors that fail to bloom into truly marketable careers. Upon graduating, their only chance of employment with many of these degrees is to find a job teaching the same worthless information to someone else.

I’m one of America’s 99 percent and I barely get by. But I do get by; thanks to the 1 percent of this country that provides millions of us with employment. This Occupy movement is populated by a very different 1 percent — the bitter 1 percent of us 99 percent. I do not support their mean-spirited, unrealistic cause. Furthermore, I’m outrageously offended by their claim that they represent me. They do not.

Barry Bradley, San Francisco

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