Midtown residents deserve rent control

The Midtown Park Apartments, on the corner of Geary and Divisadero, were built in 1967 for displaced African American residents...

The Midtown Park Apartments, on the corner of Geary and Divisadero, were built in 1967 for displaced African American residents following San Francisco’s ill-conceived redevelopment program, which tore down many blocks of our neighborhood’s houses, churches and Black-owned businesses.

Midtown was built and developed as a model housing community, and it has been for decades, despite many obstacles. Our tenants’ association (and previously, the Midtown Park Corporation) has been guiding our community for over 50 years.

Six years ago, The City ruled that Midtown was no longer subject to the rent control law that had protected us from displacement for years. Rent control is what stabilized our community and allowed us to live in our homes without fear of displacement.

Now, Supervisor Dean Preston is introducing legislation that will return to Midtown its historic rent control protections. The legislation has already passed the Government Oversight and Accountability (GOA) Committee, acquiring a number of supervisorial co-sponsors. It is now headed to the full Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, October 6th.

“Fundamentally, this is an issue of fairness” says Supervisor Dean Preston. “Why should Midtown be subjected to unfair rent increases? Midtown should be able to benefit from the protections of rent control like anyone else.

We, the long-time residents of the Midtown community, ask you to support our goal of rent stabilization by urging each member of the Board to emphatically and unanimously vote YES on Midtown’s rent control legislation.

This legislation is a matter of equity for the African American community of San Francisco. The past six years have taught us the importance of affirming that Black Lives Matter. Now, we must invest in policy solutions that affirm that Black homes matter. The City’s African American community deserves abundant, affordable and stable housing in San Francisco, and the time to invest in that is now.

The Midtown Tenants’ Association

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