Letters: Two sides to every story

“Body cams vs. smartphones: BART arrest in SF could be test case,” Crime Ink, Sept. 13

Two sides to every story

I appreciate the even-handed article about the differing views of the arrest of Michael Smith. It illustrates the difficulty in only relying on bystander phone video, with the “official” police video showing important facts not shown by the public. Apparently, the suspect has a history of violence, even trying to take an officers gun, and the video apparently definitely shows him gouging, spitting and biting — the very definition of resisting arrest.

Too often so called “progressives” try to slant the news coverage to show the cops in a bad light, which sometimes they deserve and sometimes — as apparent in this case — they were trying to do the right thing.

John Dillon
San Francisco

“Green card holders: Become citizens and vote,” In Brown Type, Sept. 21

Immigration column crucial to community

Thank you for Jaya Padmanabhan’s weekly immigration columns. As an immigrant from our friendly northern border, the United States federal government should install and maintain botanical peace gardens at all border entrances similar to the one at our North Dakota-Manitoba border. In addition, peace plagues should be installed at places of entry that express approval of all immigrants for their fortitude in seeking a better life in the United States.

Scotty Paterson
San Mateo

“Negative campaign season in San Francisco,” Nato Green, Oct. 2

Nato Green must have been in ‘comedian mode’

Nato Green’s Sunday piece damns Marjan Philhour with faint praise. The article correctly states Philhour has nothing to do with the absurd allegation Sandy Fewer is “not really Chinese.” Then Green links Philhour to a “supporter” who has “stoked” the story. That is very disingenuous. Perhaps Nato was in “comedian mode” when he wrote this piece.

Seriously, I am a Philhour supporter. I find her to be a very straight forward, no-nonsense person.

Lee Heidhues
San Francisco

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