Letters to the editor: Transportation Chaos

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Transportation Chaos

Regarding “Muni’s Rough Month” article:

While I don’t often take Muni I had the occasion to ride the 43 last week. It was a brand new bus and the suspension or lack there of, almost shook my in teeth out of my head.

How about the new bike lane configuration at 5th and Howard? What a mess. Golden Gate at Jones — three lanes down to one! Constant grid lock. Townsend St. with ballpark and Cal Train traffic down to one lane — Chaos!! I could go on and on.

Not only is this agency causing more traffic issues than Uber and Lyft combined, it continues to waste tax payers money without proper oversight. A major restructuring of the SFMTA board is way overdue.

Dennis Korkos

San Rafael

Vote them all out

I really tried not to write, but your 4/24 issue has too many unbelievable articles not to.

The navigation approved by the Board of Stuporvisors against the citizen’s protests. Why would they listen to the electorate now, they haven’t in the past? Vote them all out!

Muni’s new trains; millions spent and still crap. Muni equals More Unbelievable Incompetence. HaHaHaHa

So, it’s stupidity business as usual in the greatest city in the world. Shameful!

Jan Naft

San Francisco

A Navigation Center compromise

First, I am not an official spokesperson for our neighborhood but a concerned citizen who walks my dog right by the parking lot where the Navigation Center is planned.

It’s interesting that the Nav Center is being rushed through but there was no rush to build a primary school when thousands of condos were and are being built in the neighborhood.

It occurred to me that Mayor Breed must have realized she had little to lose in her re-election campaign because the district didn’t support her last time and the rest of San Francisco is delighted that the Nav Center will not be In their neighborhood. We are outnumbered and don’t have an established neighborhood watchdog committee to put up a successful fight.

My suggestion instead is to compromise. Why not allow a 75 person Nav Center minus drugs, then place a K-5 school in the Temporary Transbay Terminal once the buses leave? It will help offset the equity loss our neighbors will suffer by making the East Cut a more family friendly area while showing the world that we are reasonable folks. If the experiment works out it’s a win win win.

Your thoughts?

Don Surath

San Francisco

Put health over profits

Any lost sales due to a ban on vaping products (“SF commission says e-cigarette ban will hurt small businesses”, Apr. 28) must be balanced against the benefit to promote the health of the community when a potentially dangerous product is involved. E-cigs and similar products to Juul catapulted into the marketplace before research demonstrated that vaping is both hazardous to the user and addictive, that it can ignite youth vaping, and that these products were targeted to young people. It is also likely that many if not most small businesses were operational before these products came to market, and thus a suspension in vaping product sales would represent a return to that time. SFMMS is proud to join a number of medical and public health organizations who believe the health of the public should be prioritized over profits.

Kimberley Newell Green, MD


President, San Francisco Marin Medical Society

Open BART restrooms

Totally agree on your piece on poop. Why BART does not have all restroom open is perplexing. In the Berkeley station all the restrooms are close. How is one to handle one’s business. I asked the attendant and it was for security. In Europe, specifically train stations, the restroom are monitor and clean. I hope this will be resolve.

Art Alcantar

San Francisco

More businesses should open their bathrooms

I think the Muni/Bart restrooms should be reopened with better security. Also, a type of simple toilet should be installed on the street so people who have to go can use them instead of the sidewalk or street. And if this doesn’t work a “sh*t-in” at City Hall might get the attention of the local government!

Also, a census should be done of the feces all across the city; little SF flags could be used to show that they’ve been counted. This would, also, serve to get the government’s attention. And more businesses should make their bathrooms available and have the government pay for any damages to the property. Maybe even ask private insurers to help with the cleanup cost. Finally, martial law might have to be imposed for a very brief time to show that this is a real crisis. Of course, that would be the last alternative. Thanks for bringing up this subject in your article.

Benjamin Steinberg

San Francisco

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