Letters: San Francisco loves Batkid

Crowds go batty to support dream of young superhero,” The City, Sunday

Batkid trumps villain Mar

Great job by the Make-A-Wish Foundation and all the volunteers for fulfilling the dream of Miles Scott, aka Batkid. After capturing the Riddler and the Penguin, Batkid forgot to put away the evil supervisor from District 1, Eric “The Joker” Mar — the only person to put a negative spin on an otherwise fantastic day.

Allan Wong

San Francisco

S.F. shines as Gotham City

I have always loved the beautiful city of San Francisco, but after seeing on CTV national news the story about 5-year-old Batkid, I think it is now my favorite city.

God love all the thousands that came together to make this young lad’s wish come true. I can’t wait to visit your Gotham City again soon.

Pat Dunn

Comox, British Columbia

It’s a kooky city of angels

I’m about as right wing as one can get, but I have always thought of San Francisco as a magnificent city inhabited by a bunch of kooks. What you did for the Batkid proves that while Los Angeles may have the name, yours is the city of angels.

Gerald Dawson

San Diego

Pricey cleanups add to park debate,” The City, Tuesday

Don’t blame homeless

It is quite clear the major cost for park cleanups is labor, double that of actual damage. I would also like to point out that nowhere is there a breakdown of the cost of cleanups of park-sponsored events that are supposed to bring in revenue. That is a key point.

The Recreation and Park Department is very wasteful when it comes to water conservation. On any given day, you find sprinklers turned on during daylight hours at parks such as Dolores Park, Civic Center park, etc. It appears the primary intent is to discourage people from using the parks during daylight hours. The grass is like a bog or meadow marshland. This in turn only causes more damage to the grassy areas.

Other than perhaps creating more work or perhaps using grant money, I see no reason for selecting Civic Center as a site for turf work. The grassy portions of Civic Center were in very good shape with the exception of a few small spots being bare.

There has been a lot of fingerpointing to the homeless causing the problem, which I do not believe is the case or very well-supported. The main problem appears to be park-sponsored events that are getting out of control and damaging the park system. The parks are supposed to be for the enjoyment of all the people, not for a select few attending major park events.

Andrew M. Evans

San Francisco

Supervisors unite behind proposed soda-tax measure,” The City, Tuesday

Follow money on soda tax

I have to wonder what the real motives behind the soda tax are.

Similar measures have failed on other ballots, it would no doubt hurt poor families the most and it would presumably exempt diet soda, which is likely much worse to drink. I believe the whole point is to funnel the millions of dollars that the soda companies will spend to defeat the measure to the campaign advertising industry, with whom the supervisors have close ties.

What will they choose to attack next? The meat and dairy industry?

This smells like a shakedown.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco

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