A woman walks by a a safe needle disposal box in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District in April 14. (Jessica Christian/S.F. Examiner)

Letters: Safe injection sites must be tied to assistance programs

S.F. considers multiple supervised injection sites,” The City, July 24

Safe-injection sites must be tied to drug rehab programs

It defies belief that Holly Bradford of the SF Drug Users Union would claim “drug users care about their health.” Clearly, no one injecting opiates or methamphetamine cares about their health.

If we’re going to continue mollycoddle illegal intravenous drug use in San Francisco, any safe injection sites must be tied directly to programs geared toward getting users off drugs, nothing less.

Mark Jerome
San Francisco

Divesting would bring SFERS high costs, no rewards,” In My View, July 23

When only profit matters

I have to ask the question: Should the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System board invest in securities issued by manufacturers of Napalm, cluster bombs, artillery shells, assault rifles, machine guns, land mines, private armies (Blackwater), and Dick Cheney’s Haliburton?

Surely, these industries are extremely profitable and are very unlikely to lose “shareholder value” and would provide all of Compass Lexecon’s clients, including SFERS, with billions of dollars in profits. War is, of course, the most “profitable” industry.

Patrick McGuire
San Francisco

Supervisors vent frustrations over reportedly slow, unnecessary roadwork,” The City, July 20

Beware of bulb-outs

This is the first time that I have sent a letter to the editor. I especially was outraged regarding all of the money spent on a bulb-out project when we have pot holes and rough streets.

This situation was a personal reminder of the time, at night, when I made a turn around a corner that I had made many times.

To my dismay, a bulb-out had been placed there without warning. It cost me a blown tire.

Robert Meyer
San Francisco

Saying no to plastic straws doesn’t suck for SF businesses,” Green Space, July 19

Inching toward modernity

Congratulations to Pagan Idol for moving San Francisco forward into the mid-20th century, when paper straws were the norm along with the returnable glass bottles that the plastics industry also put an end to. As if you need a freaking straw to drink a liquid in the first place or a plastic cover for your disposable coffee cup.

America’s countless wars in remote parts of the planet will surely provide the petroleum we need for these presumed necessities.

Carl Hoffman
San Francisco

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