Letters: Rent control is not the problem

“Rent control is not the problem,” Opinion, May 17

Consider alternatives to fix housing crisis

The opinion piece criticizing Supervisor Julie Christensen for raising the rent control issue was written by a self-described “longtime renter in San Francisco and a housing advocate,” who undoubtedly supports Christensen’s opponent in the election.

Admittedly, the current system of rent control is a great tax free benefit for those middle-class white folks who got here first and stayed put. It may have helped some in need. For most of us, it has created artificial housing shortages resulting in higher rent. It is often the least needy who benefit at the expense of the less fortunate.

To properly address the housing issues, we must consider all alternatives, including modification of our antiquated and inequitable rent-control system. Perhaps rent control should be expanded to include commercial or post 1979 buildings (we need to change state law). Perhaps it should be means tested to eliminate the subsidy to greedy tenants. Perhaps subsidized housing should be limited to city funded and operated buildings.

We need to have open minds and an honest discussion of all alternatives, including the elimination of subsidized rents for the greedy.

Calvin Discoll

San Francisco

“Kraft, Patriots take one for the league,” Sports, May 20

Change air pressure rule

Instead of the Patriots taking one for the league, perhaps if a softer football is such an important aspect of the game of football, perhaps the existing game rule on the air pressure in the football is not the proper one to enhance player performance in the game, and perhaps the NFL should change the football pressure rule.

The spectators purchasing tickets to watch the game are paying high prices and deserve to be offered the best of the game, and not to have the top quarterback prevented from playing a number of games during the regular season.

I remember in professional tennis the “spaghetti strung tennis racket,” a double string moveable bed on sections of plastic tubing that imparted maximum spin on the ball, changed the game by allowing lesser tennis players to win over top tennis players. Is this what is happening in professional football today?

Frank Norton

San Francisco

“Goodell imposes will but league has issues,” Sports, May 21

NFL needs a reality check

The National Football League does not need rule changes or more teams. It needs a new commissioner, owners and players. Management excuses themselves and hides their problems behind litigations.

Their selfish greed for increased wealth has resulted in deceit, scandals and stupidity.

Criminal events have crept into their life. They simply appeal them and evil players are reinstated. The principles of right and wrong are ignored. Ethics with moral duty and obligations are not conspicuous in the NFL. All of this repugnancy destroys fan loyalty and is not in the best interest of the 32 teams. Moral values cannot be litigated on the path to heaven.

Scotty Paterson

San Mateo

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