Letters from our readers: Urge supervisors to pass Laura’s Law

Melissa Griffin’s endorsement of Laura’s Law agrees with many citizens of San Francisco, myself included, who have expressed consternation and concern over the numbers of ragged, babbling, disoriented individuals wandering city streets.

I am not referring to chronic panhandlers or obnoxious street people, but to those individuals whose appearance and behavior manifest long-term psychotic distress. Their suffering is an indictment of our social and political systems’ failure to deal humanely with a compelling public health issue.

Laura’s Law will allow “a civil court to order an outpatient treatment program for mentally ill people who refuse treatment, yet exhibit violent behavior toward themselves or others.”

Laura’s Law is scheduled to come before the board this week, and I hope citizens will urge their supervisors to pass this measure. It is neither a panacea nor draconian legislation, but a common sense and compassionate effort to respond to an untenable situation.

Steve Abney
San Francisco


Keep priorities in order

Jay Ambrose’s July 14 piece rings the alarm bell to gin up fear of yet another terrorist plague — literally, a plague. “Be prepared,” he warns. The germs are coming, the germs are coming!

“There’s no significant program to restrain it,” he says.

Jay, that means another big-government program, don’t you see? Then he harkens to the BP spill for which we also should have been prepared and states “an administration that quite consciously decided to let regulatory laxity rule the day.”

Whoa, get your administrations and your ideologies in order. You want a big-government program and complain when lax regulation and oversight are not part of it. So you don’t want corporate pollution of the regulatory process.

I’m happy to hear that. It just might have prevented the latest act of environmental terrorism by corporate greed, which is by far the bigger threat.

Mike Caggiano
San Mateo


Issa’s McCarthyism?

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, reportedly doesn’t have actual identities of individuals connected to the Senate or to senators, other than those in the public record, who were provided cut-rate loans from Countrywide Financial Corp.

We wait with bated breath for actual documented names. Without names, Issa doesn’t know shoelace from Shinola. And Issa’s exercise smacks of McCarthyism. Possibly, only more mud-slinging Issaism.

Al Ujcic
San Francisco


Another BP project

After BP caps the leaking Gulf of Mexico pipe, it should cap Mel Gibson’s big mouth, as it may be the only one capable of doing so.

Kenneth L. Zimmerman
Huntington Beach

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