Letters from our Readers: Political maneuvering won’t work in Arizona

The Obama administration has a political motive in suing Arizona over its immigration law: They seek to mobilize Hispanic voters against the GOP.

However, that tactic may backfire. Three vulnerable House Democrats in Arizona have distanced themselves from Obama after publicly opposing the administration’s legal strategy in suing their state. They no doubt reflect Arizona public opinion, which shows supporters of the law exceeding opponents three to one.

The clear message from Grand Canyon State voters appears to be “secure the border — now.”

Jim Hartman


Abuse can’t trump law

With regard to the citizens of Arizona deciding that they must do the job that our federal government refuses to do, let it be clear: Our president’s opposition, based on “potential” law abuse, is a ruse.

As a corollary, should the Obama administration decide against enforcing bank robbery law, I would hope that we locals would be sane enough to draft a law that mirrors federal law in this case. And I would hope that the Supreme Court would protect our right to do so.

Here, we understand the danger of a relativist constitution and the value of the Ninth and 10th amendments.

Paul Burton
San Francisco


No more shopping centers

What does San Francisco NOT need more of? Another recreational shopping venue.

What will San Francisco be getting? Another recreational shopping venue. (“Decrepit block poised for rebirth,” Friday).

The article, and its formulaic promise of “rebirth,” reminded me of the glowing promises made back in the late 1980s for the money-losing eyesore we call the Metreon.

San Francisco already has more than enough tourist-shearing facilities and recreational overconsumption venues. “Rebirth” will not occur because we’ve transformed yet another part of The City into a suburb of the greater Fisherman’s Wharf.

Riley VanDyke
San Francisco


Rationing is wrong idea

While there are but a few remaining veterans from World War II, there are many of the children of that war that remember the ration stamps.

Today, free America is at war in two countries, but instead of rationing stamps to benefit the war effort, Americans are rationed domestically via SmartMeters for electricity, natural gas, water, parking and bridge tolls.

Now we are confronted with another form of rationing — health care (“Obama installs health czar who backs rationing,” Thursday). Why should free Americans be rationed commodities that are not related to the two wars? And if so, will these rationed commodities be derationed when the wars are won and our boys and girls are back home?

Frank Norton
San Francisco

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