Letters from our Readers: City should be on top of America’s Cup issues

Supporting the America’s Cup race will be very expensive. Substantial capital expenditures will have to be made to upgrade San Francisco’s southern waterfront. This will occur when The City is projected to have large budget deficits due to underfunding of retiree pension and health care costs.

Chris Daly was at his best in Monday’s Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee meeting as he seriously questioned the assumptions offered by the promoters of the America’s Cup race. He cited requirements in the City Charter that demand a thorough fiscal analysis of such an event before an expensive environmental impact report is authorized at city expense. The city attorney was working overtime to reconcile Daly’s budget issues, finally forcing a substantial amendment to the proposed America’s Cup resolution.

The time for substantial vetting of the promoters’ assumptions is now, before San Francisco taxpayers get stuck with a white elephant we cannot afford.

Dave Burnett, San Francisco

Hardly a neighborly time

My thanks to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival for last weekend’s parking and traffic mess. If you don’t live in the neighborhood, you have absolutely no idea how this impacts our streets. And to whoever blocked my driveway, hope you didn’t have a long line at the impound lot.

A. Wong, San Francisco

Raising the tensions

We feel the front-page headline of the Oct. 5 Examiner was in extremely poor taste. This headline referring to BART Officer Mehserle requesting a new trial does nothing to calm an already-tense community. This is another example of insensitive, thoughtless media coverage causing more damage than good.

Jack and Jean Della Santa, San Francisco

Defending Castro

I believe your Oct. 1 op-ed about Fidel Castro was very unfair. I think he is just an old man trying to be honest. I believe he denounced the Iranian leader because he felt Ahmadinejad’s views were  erroneous.

There was no other motive. The events that made the Cuban Revolution in 1959 were a result of Spanish exploitation, Yankee Imperialism, Batista’s corruption and the Cold War. Now there are new economic and political forces.
Cuba must change with the times, and Fidel Castro wants to be our friend.

Your op-ed showed the same type of hatred some Chileans showed against the old Augusto Pinochet before his death, when he tried to apologize to his countrymen. Note that the old apartheid leaders in South Africa are still afforded respect even though they are not in power. It is an example of the bigness of the current leaders.

Frank Henry Wade, San Francisco

Brown has political ally

Headline-chasing Gloria Allred will go a long way to get Jerry Brown elected. Brown has pledged he will overturn Proposition 209 and as governor would move to implement the Dodd-Frank hidden quotas bill that establishes 20 offices to impose hiring quotas for minorities, etc.

Phil Melnick, San Francisco

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