Letters from our Readers: Central Subway project a budget-draining mistake

The Central Subway Project is a bad transportation boondoggle that drains much-needed funds from immediate transit needs. Anyone can prove this themselves with a stopwatch.

Consider the most common trip to Market Street and the Powell Street Station from a location in North Beach or Chinatown. A Stockton Street bus ride to Market Street would get you there faster than the Central Subway.

Also, pity the poor riders south of Market Street. The Central Subway reroutes the T-Third line and eliminates direct service to the Ferry Building and the entire Market Street corridor.

Just imagine how $1.5 billion could transform the entire Muni system, create hundreds of miles of beautiful transit streets and generate thousands of jobs much more quickly.

Howard Wong
San Francisco


Education needs funding

In two years, we’ve cut over $2,500 per pupil from public schools. Are bigger classes, fewer teachers, closed libraries, supply shortages, old textbooks and discontinued summer schools a good idea?

We can’t afford to shortchange our kids on the education they will need to face the challenges we are handing them. We must restore K-12 education funding and find ­alternative budget cuts.
Education pays dividends for a generation. Ignorance just costs too much.

Elizabeth Yutzy
San Mateo


Wrong about Petraeus

A few short years ago, the leftists considered Gen. David Petraeus to be a liar. He was charged with speaking the Bush administration lies about the Iraq war. He was treated with scorn and disrespect by elected officials and the press. He was kicked upstairs and put out of sight.

Now, when he has been selected to replace Gen. Stanley McChrystal, he is considered a brilliant choice by those who scorned him.

Have I missed something?

Keith C. De Filippis
San Jose


Obama won’t back protests

Iranian students are again protesting the corrupt Jihadist regime that rules them, but this time their demonstrations are more muted. I guess they learned that the Obama administration would not lift a finger in support.

Perhaps even worse is that the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran also realize that in terms of standing up to terrorism, President Barack Obama is not even a paper tiger — he is a tissue kitten.

Scott Abramson
San Mateo


Spending must be cut

The G-20 meetings concluded with a call for meaningful deficit reduction, but the phrase “deficit reduction” allows for reducing deficits by raising taxes. The G-20 goal should be defined as deficit reduction solely by cutting government spending.

The international deficits have not been incurred because we are under-taxed, but rather because of out-of-control government spending.

Richard Beleson
San Francisco

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