Letters from our readers: Board must stop using flawed data for laws

“Iffy data fuels legislation to block garages” in the Thursday Examiner describes only one piece of city legislation pushed through with nonexistent or deeply flawed data. This is getting to be standard practice for the new Board of Supervisors.

Just recently, Supervisor John Avalos did the same thing by trying to enforce eviction restrictions for post-1979 buildings. Testimony from nonprofit housing groups cited “several evictions” in these buildings. But they were never asked to submit any credible data supporting these claims. That did not stop Avalos from repeating such unsupported claims every time he turned around.

The public needs to demand that such data be verified by source documents. Otherwise, those jokers are getting a free ride.

Sherrie Matza
San Francisco


Soccer plan drains money

The proposal to turn the west end of Golden Gate Park into a lit-up, large-scale sports facility is a bait-and-switch. It is clear that the lights will not be used for children’s after-school games, but instead for nighttime adult games that increase revenue for the Recreation and Park Department.

As a one-time young adult and now a local parent of a young family, let me be blunt: Many adults who play soccer in San Francisco are prone to getting loud, messy and drunk. We don’t need this.

The existing grass fields are fine for kids’ needs. The cost to The City — $5 million up front and $2 million for replacement every 10 years — is outrageous. Just the replacement cost would pay for full, new grass fields every other year and two permanent landscapers.

Jason Jungreis
San Francisco


Weak rebuttal to absences

According to Irwin Lum, president of the union for Muni drivers, in the Wednesday Examiner story about Muni’s unexplained absenteeism, it is “misleading” because the numbers include categories such as illness, military duty and deaths in the family. I don’t know about most companies, but where I work, if you are sick, you call in.

If you are being deployed, you provide paperwork indicating where to and how long. If you have a death in the family, you apply for bereavement time. This way, your employer knows why you are out and for how long.

I guess this “Big Brother” philosophy of tracking one’s employees is way too Orwellian for Muni and its elected cronies. Now I know why our public transit agency is hemorrhaging money on a daily basis.

Gregory Smith


Passing on health reform

If the ineptitude, delays and doublespeak in Congress are any indication of how health care will be reformed by our government, I pass. Why waste trillions of tax dollars to end up lying in a hospital bed surrounded by 10 bureaucrats arguing the clause on page 950 to agree what procedure I’m entitled to, or even if I’m covered?

Gary Hardeman
San Francisco

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