Enforcement of moving violations, including distracted driving, would help improve the safety of pedestrians on San Francisco streets. (Courtesy photo)

Letters: Distracted driving enforcement crucial to pedestrian safety

Why couldn’t the San Franciscan cross the road?” San Franstartup, June 5

Distracted driving enforcement crucial to pedestrian safety

Melissa Eisenberg is not alone. Her pedestrian rage mirrors mine, but I channel Ratso Rizzo and instead yell, “I’m walking here” like the former New Yorker I am.

Yes, the problem has gotten worse despite “bulb-outs” and Vision Zero, which doesn’t even count distracted driving as a top-5 driver behavior for law enforcement to deal with. That’s what’s missing here: enforcement.

Unless and until we have moving violations enforcement (including distracted driving) to match the rabid parking enforcement, we will have the lawlessness on the streets we have today and worse, I’m afraid.

Wendy S. Beck

San Francisco

San Francisco, what do we do about the Davis-Oliver Act?” In Brown Type, May 31

Selective law enforcement

Jaya Padmanabhan attempts to defend undocumented immigrants who “cut the line” to immigrate to the United States. The column doesn’t ask why California and San Francisco elected officials believe they can pick and choose which federal laws and regulations they will obey and the federal agencies they will cooperate with. What would Gov. Jerry Brown and the Democrats in Sacramento or San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, the Board of Supervisors and City Attorney Dennis Herrera do if they faced the similar circumstances?

For instance, in 1970, California voters passed the California Environmental Quality Act. What would Brown and the Sacramento Democrats do if six or eight of California’s 58 counties declared themselves “sanctuary” from CEQA counties and not enforces various environmental rules and regulations and not cooperate with state authorities enforcing the regulations?

San Francisco has placed many mandates on employers. What would Lee, Herrera and the city supervisors do if a few neighborhood merchant organizations declared themselves a sanctuary from minimum wage and health care mandates? They would be doing the same thing the Trump Administration and members of Congress are doing. That is, using any and all methods available to them to get cooperation from the counties and neighborhood groups who are not cooperating. Our elected officials at City Hall and in Sacramento should remember: “What goes around comes around.”

There are several lawful ways to immigrate. Why should those who chose to disobey our laws be given quasi-legal status ahead of those who go through the legal process that can take years?

Howard Epstein

Vice Chair Communications

San Francisco Republican Party

Americans’ right to safety

I was disappointed by Jaya Padmanabhan’s insulting characterization that the American people — “neighbors, communities, church members, co-workers and even students” can be pitted against one another in a mad frenzy to report illegal immigrants, because our government has decided to enforce the law of the land. All nations have the right to safety and sovereignty within their own borders.

How would I fare if I entered a foreign country, secretly and illegally, and committed a crime? Would I be arrested, tortured, imprisoned … or at the very least, asked to leave? Would I call them racists and claim they have “no right” to expel me?

Patrick McGuire

San Francisco

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