Letters: A simple solution

“Legislation would give DA’s Office teeth to prosecute illegal owner move-in evictions,” On Guard, April 4

A simple solution

It seems that, in addition to Supervisor Farrell’s efforts, two things need to happen (besides determining who is living in a move-in evicted unit).

1. If the owner or a relative is not now living in the unit, as promised, rent must immediately be lowered to the prior rent-controlled amount for the present tenant.

2. If the unit is not now occupied at all, the prior evicted tenant must be invited back at their previous rent-controlled amount.

If intent is one of the major impediments to prosecution, it seems this would do away with the issue of intent. The only condition would be the present status of the unit. I have no doubt that this would hugely reduce the incidence of owner move-in evictions overnight.

Jerry Levine, San Francisco

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