Letter from our readers: Leaders should back parks, not development

Our San Francisco Bay is the defining aspect of the Bay Area, and it has already shrunk by one-third due to filling and paving. For that reason, Peninsula leaders should be opposing any development on the Cargill salt ponds. There should be no housing, schools or even businesses out there behind levees that could fail.

What the community does need is sports fields and park lands that are accessible to all. Redwood City already spelled out a plan that includes a huge new city park, protects the port and restores most of the salt ponds back to the Bay, where they belong.

Why is nobody on the council speaking up for that positive vision? They seem to prefer to make people believe that we need to let Cargill build 12,000 homes along the Bay in exchange for a few playing fields. It’s just not true.

Joan Parker, Portola Valley

Compost requires new bins

Parkmerced rental company is facing major sanitary issues from the compost ordinance. The too-small bins attract flies and need to be emptied daily. The previous bins are still sitting in a huge undistributed pile.

Parkmerced residents will not enter an overflowing odorous room in the basement of the towers to step over trash to get to the inadequate bins that overflow after weekends. The towers need “sealed,” enclosed systems to prevent problems.

Aaron Goodman, Parkmerced Residents Organization, San Francisco

Bikers can’t demand seats

I find it absurd that some bike riders on Caltrain expect to have a seat on the bike car saved for them. There is no guarantee of seating for any passenger on Caltrain. Why should bike riders, who occupy additional train space with their bicycles, be any different? I pay more than $150 a month to ride Caltrain. Perhaps if bike riders paid a surcharge to bring their bikes onboard, I could sympathize.

Robert Martin, Sunnyvale

Drug money funding war

It is drugs that reward the Afghan farmer and pay for the Taliban war effort. And this money comes from selling the drugs on almost every street in America.

It is past time for this charade to be ended and the source of drug money from America be stopped. Can the National Guard not be deployed in America to halt this endless drug problem? America is learning that without money, the war cannot be fought — now to the tune of an additional $30 billion.

Frank Norton, San Francisco

Keep fire stations open

Mayor Gavin Newsom is right to keep The City’s 42 fire stations open. The first responsibility of government is to protect life and property. In addition to fires, San Francisco is vulnerable to earthquakes and is a target for a terrorist attack. San Francisco could save money by closing the Board of Supervisors.

Mike DeNunzio, Chairman, Republican Assembly, San Francisco

The next Vietnam coming

When I heard President Barack Obama’s Afghanistan military policy speech, all the bad memories of Vietnam flooded back in. And the very next day I warned my high school kids of what’s to come. This Afghanistan thing ain’t gonna be over for a long, long time.

Gordon D. Robertson, San Francisco

Using conservatorships to deal with gritty urban issues

“Half the state thinks we conserve too many people, and the other half thinks we don’t conserve enough.”

Endorsement: Here’s one simple way to help crime victims in San Francisco

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