Let free market select trash company for city

A June 24 letter writer raised a question on unknown risks about the actual quality of service that would be provided by a future waste-management contractor if those city services were to be opened for competitive bidding.

The writer seemed to prefer the proverbial “bird in the hand.” But does the “tremendous infrastructure overhead” he cited require 60 years of commitment to one company as has been the case here? What he seemingly doesn’t understand is that quality service and economic effectiveness come from free-market competition.

The present trash collection service might be re-selected in that process and I know of no reasons to choose another bidder. However, if The City is displeased with any new service provider, the company should be terminated in a reasonable amount of time and another contract put in place. The point is to have evaluation standards in place, and hold any company accountable.

Ann Grogan, San Francisco

Strauss-Kahn a flight risk

My prediction is that that if there is even a hint of defeat from the celebrity lawyer of Dominique Strauss-Kahn — the deposed boss of the International Monetary Fund — this accused rapist would never suffer the confines of Rikers Island again.

Strauss-Kahn presently resides in a rented multimillion-dollar townhouse. He is outfitted with a GPS ankle bracelet, armed guards and a $5 million bond. A gentleman of his guile could surely acquire a means to deceive a guard and neutralize an ankle bracelet.

Numerous private jets are capable of flying to the privileged sanctuary of France, free from American extradition just like Roman Polanski. A mere $5 million bond is insufficient to deter “Le Grand Séducteur.”

Tony Favero, Half Moon Bay

Boost trade with Turkey

As a Turkish-American, I fully support the deepening and boosting of trade and economic relations between my two homelands — the United States and Turkey. The United States should initiate negotiations to enter into a bilateral free trade agreement with Turkey, the 16th largest economy in the world.

Turkey is a democratic, secular, unitary constitutional republic with an ancient cultural heritage and a westward-looking future. Turkey has been a solid U.S. ally and contributed troops to Kosovo and Afghanistan. Expanded trade relations would help U.S. exporters, and benefit tens of thousands of Americans, including Turkish-Americans who are leading U.S. exports into Turkey and promoting better relations between the two nations.

Pari Howard, San Francisco

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