Laws are created equally

“Park police target scofflaw cyclists,” The City, July 17; “Bike group plans ‘stop-in’ event on Wiggle,” The City, July 27

Laws are created equally

I read yet another whining letter involving the horrible pressure the bicyclists in this city feel they are being put under to simply act like decent human beings instead of warriors on the street.

Frankly, I’m really sick of hearing how put upon bike riders feel whenever they hear that our law enforcement officers are going to crack down on law violators. Instead of having “stop-in” events and protests, why doesn’t the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition work to have the laws amended to make it as clear as day what exactly the bike riders are required to do? Instead, they just continue to feel that each and every one of them is entitled to do as they please at intersections, stop signs and stop lights.

Yes, a 2-ton car can do a lot more damage to someone than a bicycle. But there have been plenty of people hit and injured, or even killed, by bike riders who just blast through the streets like there is no one else but them. When the bike riders begin to recognize that it is pedestrians who have the right of way and that it is basically stupid to take on a 2-ton piece of metal just because they feel they have the “right” to ignore common courtesy and written law, perhaps we can reach a point of compromise and cooperation. Until the bike riders and their coalitions and groups recognize that they do not have priority on our streets, the better off everyone will be.

I still believe that it would also be helpful if all bikes had to have a license and that a written test about traffic laws and common courtesy were given to each rider that applies for a license. This city has too many “entitled” people already. We all really need to recognize that the law applies to everyone.

John Schambre
San Francisco

“Park police target scofflaw cyclists,” The City, July 17

Rules don’t apply here

I have had several close calls with bikes in The City, and the objections that cyclists have to the police enforcement don’t hold any water with me. I doubt that their issue is really about the most efficient use of police resources. They simply want to continue their carte blanche to ride recklessly and dangerously.

I think it’s important to remember that most cyclists are also drivers, pedestrians and users of mass transit. Once you get used to being a scofflaw, once you get used to not thinking about other people, you begin to believe that the rules don’t apply to you in general, whether on a bike, in a car or on a bus.

Al Luongo
San Francisco

“Arabic group criticized for remarks,” The City, July 15

History lessons needed

At a time when dozens of groups are spending millions of dollars to stifle free speech and First Amendment rights on university campuses, it would be good to have a balanced presentation of Israeli-Palestinian history in our secondary schools.

I and many Jews are sick and tired of seeing criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic. After the brutal attack on Gaza last year, and Israeli roadblocks to reconstruction, an attack that killed about 500 children and maimed about 1,000, it is understandable how people can be angry. And this is a continuing pattern of destruction.

I think our students have a right to know that Israel is not blameless in its history of treatment of Palestinians and others.

Glen A. Risdon
San Francisco

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