Israel is protecting own security

? “Oppression in Israel is still very real,” From Readers, Opinion, May 19

Israel is protecting own security

In response to letter writer Monty Agarwal: The situation in “the West Bank and Gaza, and treatment of Palestinians that reside in these territories” may remind him of South Africa’s apartheid. To me, it recalls measures that Israel is forced to undertake in order to protect its security.

In 2005, Israel completely withdrew from Gaza, thus giving the Palestinians a chance to convert this territory into a benevolent neighborhood. Instead, they have elected to be governed by Hamas.  

The fate of the Palestinians is in their own hands. Recognizing Israel’s right to exist and demonstrating sincere intentions to live in peace may change dramatically the status of “the territories.”

Vladimir Kaplan
San Mateo

? “KCSM deal heralds broadcast’s downfall,” Peninsula, Sunday

Mourning local programming choices

I just finished reading Rachel Swan’s column regarding the demise of KCSM-TV, and I was saddened to face not only its loss but the whole trend of fewer choices in broadcasting (especially local programming) in general.

It wasn’t clear to me, but does this affect KCSM radio at all? That would be a huge tragedy.

Lisa Eisenberg
San Mateo

Note: KCSM (91.1 FM) is not for sale and will continue to operate.

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