Few people participated in latest Sunday Streets

This past weekend’s kickoff of Sunday Streets on The Embarcadero was notable for the lack of participants. Despite a break in the rainy weather, police and traffic personnel often outnumbered the few pedestrians and cyclists actually using the street.

I wonder if in this era of tight city budgets whether programs such as Sunday Streets have a value or should be discontinued when they outlive their novelty and usefulness?

Dave Burnett
San Francisco

Disconnect phone deal

AT&T should not be permitted to acquire T-Mobile USA. If AT&T gets to eliminate yet another competitor, then it’s time to put an end to the sham of “deregulation” of telecommunications in the United States.

The original promise of deregulation was increased competition, lower prices and improved services. The reality has become reduced competition, high prices relative to the rest of the world, and a limited number of “capped” and otherwise performance-
constrained services.

Eliminating yet another competitor returns us to de facto regulation of U.S. telecoms by and for AT&T instead of elected government.

This is a primary reason that the U.S. lags behind smaller countries in Europe and Asia in delivery of cost-effective broadband.

Riley B. VanDyke
San Francisco

Keep pools open Sundays

I want to protest in the strongest possible terms the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department’s disastrous decision to close all swimming pools providing family swims on Sundays.

The new schedule means that only Mission is open on a Sunday and it only offers lap swims. Saturday is for many people a very busy day. Sunday has been the day during which I — and I expect many other working families — can find the time to regularly take the family swimming.

Closing swimming pools on Sundays instead of on a weekday hugely reduces the chances for working families to enjoy the pools. This awful decision should be changed.

Eliot Miranda
San Francisco

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