Endorsements 2006

Endorsements is part of The San Francisco Examiner's 2006 election coverage.

For a brighter future, The Examiner recommends:

State & federal candidates


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lt. Governor

Tom McClintock

Secretary of State

Bruce McPherson


John Chiang


Claude Parrish

Attorney General

Jerry Brown

Insurance Commissioner

Steve Poizner

U.S. Senator

Dianne Feinstein

Congress (8th District)

Nancy Pelosi

Congress (12th District)

Tom Lantos

State Senate (8th District)

Leland Yee

Assembly (12th District)

Fiona Ma

Assembly (13th District)

Mark Leno

Board Of Equalization

Betty Yee

State Supreme Court

Carol Corrigan

Joyce Kennard

Court Of Appeals

Sandra Margulies

James Marchiano

Paul Haerle

James Richman

William McGuiness

Peter Siggins

Maria Rivera

Patricia Sepulveda

Ignazio John Ruvolo

Barbara Jones

State measures

Proposition 1a: YES

Constitutional amendment on gas tariff protects state taxpayers.

Proposition 1b: YES

New transportation projects needed.

Proposition 1c: YES

Housing bond measure makes sense.

Proposition 1d: YES

Bond measure would fund needed improvements to state schools, from kindergartens to universities.

Proposition 1e: YES

Hurricane Katrina made clear the importance of sound programs for flood control and management.

Proposition 83: YES

Toughen punishment for state’s violent predators.

Proposition 84: YES

Improve California’s water quality.

Proposition 85: YES

Keep parents involved in kids’ lives.

Proposition 86: NO

Taxing cigarettes is not the answer to state’s fiscal challenges.

Proposition 87: NO

While we strongly endorse promoting alternative energy, adding additional taxes is not the correct way.

Proposition 88: NO

Let other school funding plans work before committing to another bond.

Proposition 89: NO

Would only protect incumbents.

Proposition 90: NO

Draconian zoning change hurts cities.

San Francisco candidates

Board of Supervisors (Dist. 2)

Michela Alioto-Pier

Board of Supervisors (Dist. 4)

Doug Chan

Board of Supervisors (Dist. 6)

Rob Black

Board of Supervisors (Dist. 8)

Bevan Dufty

Board of Supervisors (Dist. 10)

Sophie Maxwell


Phil Ting

Public Defender

Jeff Adachi

BART director

James Fang

Board of Education

Dan Kelly

Hydra Mendoza

Boots Whitmer

Community College Board

Johnnie Carter

Anita Grier

Lawrence Wong

San Francisco measures

Proposition A: YES

Upgrade school buildings for the sake of The City’s children.

Proposition B: YES

A small step toward fairness for female legislators and officials.

Proposition C: YES

Our seven top elected officials should be paid on par with those in neighboring counties.

Proposition D: NO

Say no to unnecessary measures on the ballot.

Proposition E: NO

Raising taxes is the wrong way to build The City’s economy.

Proposition F: NO

Well-intentioned plan would be harmful for local businesses.

Proposition G: NO

Anti-chain-store zealotry does not good public policy make.

Proposition H: NO

Don’t create a greater burden for owners of small property.

Proposition I: NO

A disingenuous attempt by supervisors to inflate their egos.

Proposition J: NO

Reject symbolic measures that have nothing to do with S.F.

Proposition K: YES

Let’s stand up in support of seniors and the disabled.


San Mateo County Candidates

Bayshore School Board

Rachel Garibaldi

Theresa Gerigk

Cecil Owens

County Board of Education

Rhonda Ceccato

Rod Hsiao

SSF School Board

Philip Weise

Shirley Hoch

John Sanna

Peninsula Health Care District

Donald Newman

Sue Smith

Helen Galligan

Sequoia Heath Care District

John Oblak

Don Horsley

Arthur Faro

Colma City Council

Philip Lum

Helen Fisicaro

Pacifica City Council

David Blackman

Julie Lancelle

Sue Digre

Daly City Council

Annette Hipona

Maggie Gomez

Michael Guingona

San Mateo Country Measures

Measure A: San Mateo Parks Sales Tax

NO. Cities should do a better job of maintaining facilities without coming to taxpayers again.

Measure B: Brisbane Land Use

YES. City needs 100 new housing units at old quarry site.

Measure G: Daly City Ordinance

YES. Keep utility tax in effect as it has been since 1989.

Measure H: Burlingame Flood Control

YES. Flood control is worthy use of bond funding.

Measure L: Pacifica Land Use

YES. Housing-retail development needed at underutilized site.

Measure M: San Mateo School Bond

YES. Upgrade school facilities.

Measure N: Jefferson School District

YES. Upgrade school facilities.

Part of The San Francisco Examiner's 2006 election coverage.

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