Don’t forget about right-leaning voices

Your editorial on Thursday announcing new ownership had some ominous words. “Moreover, this paper will become more truly reflective of the ideals of San Francisco with editorials and opinion pieces in line with the ideology of The City.”

I hope this doesn’t mean your editorial page is going to fall in line with the San Francisco Chronicle and the eastern establishment liberal press that has controlled most of the editorial content in print and broadcast for the past 40 years.

The San Francisco Examiner has been a breath of fresh air, printing right-minded editorials and op-eds, and letters from both sides of the divide.

If you go the way of the Chronicle editorially, you will go the way of the Chronicle in my and many other trash cans. Please keep true to what has distinguished you the past few years.

Cary Fulbright, San Francisco

Readers want the facts

Some letter-writers seem excited with the “new liberal ownership” of The San Francisco Examiner and are hoping for “good reporting.”

What has become all too common in today’s reporting has been opinion rather then unbiased fair reporting or fact-driven reporting. Just give us the facts and let us decide what is left or right, and don’t insult our intelligence by trying to shove opinion down our throats.

While I’m at it, is San Francisco really big enough and whacked-out enough to support two over-the-top progressive newspapers?

Theodore Carl Soderberg, San Francisco

Proud conservative

I am a Johnny-come-lately to conservatism. Having lived in San Francisco all my life, I was indoctrinated to leftist politics at a tender age.

Given the power of peer pressure and the need to belong, and given the warm, fuzzy feeling of self-righteousness and the hearty pat on the back awarded by the 64 percent of San Franciscans who describe themselves as “liberal” or “very liberal” (just 29 percent nationwide), this beautiful gem of a city has a way of nurturing political beliefs.

I don’t consider myself an “independent.” I have become an individual who wishes to conserve those ideas in society that foster civilization. We move from strict ideology to ideas. Ideas can be formed into principles that hold an eternal aspect.

Paul Burton, San Francisco

Occupy SF should step up

Mayor Ed Lee and business owners want the Occupy San Francisco group out of their sight. They think that by putting Occupy SF in an enclosed area it will keep them quiet.

What Occupy SF should do for a better result is to be at City Hall, the state Capitol, banks and mortgage offices that have taken people’s homes illegally and, most importantly, in Washington.

Putting them in the Mission will quiet Occupy SF down. It will not stop the government’s overspending and letting the big companies run a crooked system.

The future of our youth will be very hard if the abuses cannot be stopped now.

C. Castillo, San Francisco

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