Cops just trying to help relieve drug problems

The Henry Hotel should be shut down. Such places have proven to be havens for drug dealers and users. Instead of releasing videos of the cops doing alleged illegal searches, why doesn’t the hotel owner release videos of all the illegal acts that happen in the hallways of his hotel?

I see all the violence and daily crime in this area, and I am disgusted by it. The one time I read that police are doing something to clean up Sixth Street, the officers get reprimanded for it?

Feel free to be a drug dealer or user here —  nothing will happen to you. And this is the area The City wants Twitter to move to? Good luck!

Donna Key
San Francisco

BP oil spill still a concern

A Wednesday letter writer thinks we should throw environmental concerns to the wind because “one deep-water well in 20 years blows out.” Of course it was the worst environmental disaster in this nation’s history, and it will be years before the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem completely recovers.

Also, 11 BP oil-platform workers died in the explosion; 205 million gallons of oil were released; and 4,200 square miles were closed to any fishing. There is currently an 80-square-mile “kill zone” where most marine life is exterminated. And a research team in February found huge oil plumes on the bottom of the sea floor “not degrading” away.

John Dillon
San Bruno

Opposing viewpoints

In your Tuesday editorial, “Tired of paying the public worker premium,” you portray public employees such as teachers as being overcompensated. However, back on Sept. 9, The San Francisco Examiner story “SFUSD looks to assist teachers with housing” pointed out that “the high cost of housing in San Francisco has forced some public school teachers to leave The City or bunk up with other teachers to save on rent.”

I’m not quite sure how those two opposing concepts can both be correct. When I left private industry to become a teacher, my salary got cut in half and my workload doubled.

Obviously, both the public and private sectors have advantages and disadvantages.

Jonathan Frank
San Francisco

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