Congestion pricing could curb pollution

? Driver fees could help combat gridlock,” The City, Monday

Congestion pricing could curb pollution


Weekday-evening outbound congestion pricing is needed not just to decrease the delays to transit providers such as Muni and AC Transit and to make pedestrians safer, but it is also needed to help mitigate air pollution, which is proven to be just as deadly as secondhand cigarette smoke to children.  

While The City refuses to accept the donation of Rincon Hill Park from Emerald Fund, the policymakers, by approving millions of new square feet of office space and more housing in South of Market, are effectively shortening the lives — some may say murdering — SoMa residents by doing nothing about traffic congestion on weekday evenings.

Jamie Whitaker
San Francisco

Fees may scare off tourists

The implementation of congestion pricing could discourage tourism, which is the engine that drives San Francisco’s economy.

An alternative plan to lessen traffic downtown is needed to encourage visitors who could avoid driving in the inner city to instead take public transportation, bike or walk to their destinations.

Tim Donnelly
San Francisco

?Drivers with disabled placards may have to pay at meters in S.F.,” The City, Sunday

Placard abuse real issue

As a disabled person, I agree that disabled people should feed the meters like everyone else. The reason is that everyone seems to have a placard.

Really disabled people such as myself practically have to crawl to our destinations for lack of disabled parking spots. This is especially noticeable in shopping centers and other venues where access close to the entrance is important. Unfortunately, this will not change under the proposed rules because it is only restricted to metered parking spots.

People who are ambulatory but walk with canes or crutches are subject to physical pain when walking any distance. The ideal is to provide free disabled meter parking for one hour. Free unlimited parking around hospital zones for the disabled also makes sense.

Denise D’Anne
San Francisco

Don’t burden disabled

The City’s power brokers continue to be misguided. Now they want to charge the disabled for parking. Like disabled people do not have enough hardships.

Here is a novel idea: Instead of hiring more meter maids, hire more interviewers and recall all those with placards to prove their need.

Jan Naft
San Francisco

?“Recent violence increases focus on protecting San Francisco transgender community,” The City, Friday

Target transgender abuse

Violence against the transgender community has reached a point where it is not safe to be transgender in our city.

The City should convene a conference of high ranking officials, police and transgender activists to address violence against this community before more deaths occur.

 We must develop effective no-risk communication strategies to empower the vulnerable transgender community to report acts of violence so The City can bring offenders to justice.

We must also demonstrate to the community our police personnel are trained to work with transgender victims professionally and with sensitivity to their special needs.

James Patterson
San Francisco

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