Class-action lawsuits abuse justice system

Your Monday editorial about the problems with settlements from class-action lawsuits is right on. Class-action lawsuits represent one of the worst abuses of the legal system. Originally intended to make the legal system more efficient, they have instead become a way for trial lawyers to get quick money, while those who have allegedly been injured often get little or even nothing.

The cy-près issue mentioned in the editorial is just one way the class-action system is often abused. What’s worse, some of the charities that receive funding from a cy-près settlement work hand-in-hand with trial lawyers to drum up additional dubious class-action lawsuits.

At a time when our courts have had their funding cut dramatically and our state’s economy continues to struggle, we need reforms to stop these lawsuits from clogging our courts and hurting job growth.

John Merchant, California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, San Francisco

Medical pot not always safe

The term “medical marijuana” implies that the pot on sale is safe for public consumption. The San Francisco Public Health Department inspects the premises of pot clubs, but it does not inspect the product on sale.

It is too bad if you are concerned about becoming addicted, or about pesticides and toxins. That’s not the Public Health Department’s responsibility. Public Health Director Barbara Garcia should have “medical marijuana” analyzed for toxins and the content of THC (the psychoactive element in marijuana).

The Netherlands recently classified cannabis with more than 15 percent THC as a hard drug with addictive capabilities. The Dutch estimated that more than half of the marijuana on sale in their country should be banned as a hard drug. How much medical marijuana on sale here is actually more than 15 percent THC and therefore a hard drug?

The San Francisco Public Health Department should be protecting the public from toxic and addictive drugs.

Fiona McGregor, San Francisco

Selflessness saves lives

I really want to congratulate the good Samaritans I recently saw on television news footage helping out the victims of a rollover accident in Inyo County.

It restored my hope in humanity that there are still good people out there who will act selflessly to assist others who are in need. While it was unfortunate that the driver passed away as a result of this accident, it was great to know that they were able to save the other two in the vehicle.

Edmund Lee, San Francisco

A waste of city resources

Walking down Geary Street to Union Square, I saw a city employee in a city vehicle picking up a child who was obviously on the way to school.

This employee was using a city vehicle and gasoline to do a personal errand. Not only that, but also having an unauthorized passenger in the city vehicle would put the liability on the taxpayers if there was an accident. This is just another blatant abuse of the city dime.

It’s just incredible that this goes on every day and nobody seems to care that it is a gross waste of San Franciscans’ money.

Richard Butch, San Francisco

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