Cheers to exit of the right-wing Examiner

Congratulations to the new ownership and all the folks who work hard at turning out The San Francisco Examiner. I’m happy for any news I can get on my community and I’m looking forward to some good reporting.

I must say, I sometimes felt ashamed to be reading this newspaper because of its obvious anti-President Barack Obama, right-wing bias on every page, but I’m fearful you may go to the other extreme. Though I am a proud liberal, I am not a knee-jerk liberal and I like to make my mind up on each issue.

Your Thursday announcement of the new ownership said, “This paper will be more truly reflective of the ideals of San Francisco with editorials and opinion pieces in line with the ideology of The City.” As far as I know, a “city” has no ideology, its people do and people differ. I no more want my intelligence insulted with biased reporting from the right than I need my ego massaged by “reflecting” my ideology. All I want — and I think I speak for many — is good, investigative reporting, and lively, thoughtful opinion.

Wendy Beck
San Francisco

Washington’s own words

A Friday letter writer stated that President Barack Obama “honored the spirit” of the Constitution by not mentioning God in his Thanksgiving message. George Washington had different ideas. In his first inaugural address he said, “It would be peculiarly improper to omit, in this first official act, my fervent supplications to that Almighty Being who rules over the universe.”

It would be hard to argue that Washington didn’t understand the Constitution at least as well as Obama does.

Albert Alioto
San Francisco

How businesses behave

I have to wonder if even the Republicans believe their well-worn line that we must not raise taxes on the rich because they’re “job creators.” Businesses don’t create jobs as a public service or because they’ve saved on taxes.

On the contrary, businesses tend to hoard assets in bad times. Businesses create jobs when there is demand for their products and services. To create that demand, we need to put people back to work and raise workers’ wages. In short, we need to help them become consumers again.

Unfortunately our governments and banks seem to be hell-bent on destroying workers’ buying power through foreclosures, layoffs, and reductions in benefits and wages. Businesses big or small aren’t going to change that. But if we tax the rich, stop policing the world and invest in America and Americans, we can jump-start our consumer-driven economy and be prosperous again — the 1 percent and 99 percent alike.

Richard Innerst
San Mateo

Lopsided legal priorities

Our Congress, in its infinite wisdom, is considering passing the Stop Online Piracy Act, which includes a provision making it a felony to upload a video of someone singing a copyrighted song on YouTube, with up to five years in prison for doing so.

Dr. Conrad Murray, convicted of manslaughter in the Michael Jackson case, only got a maximum of four years in prison. So according to this proposed law, you would get less prison time for killing Michael Jackson than for singing one of his songs. That is just plain crazy.

Marc Perkel

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