Caption misrepresents Alioto’s role in tax

The caption under the late Mayor Joseph L. Alioto’s photo accompanying my March 10 op-ed, “San Francisco’s anti-job payroll tax,” erroneously stated that Mayor Alioto in 1970 “imposed a city income tax upon all who resided and worked in The City.” He did not and could not do so under state law. However, the Board of Supervisors and he did in 1970 enact the payroll tax and gross receipts tax.

Judge Quentin L. Kopp (Ret.)
San Francisco

The cost of opting out

PG&E has been ordered by the California Public Utilities Commission to have an offer for opting out of SmartMeters prepared for customers by March 24.

Since there will be a cost involved with the alternative opt-out plan (of course), and because opting out is supposed to arise from the medical condition of electrosensitivity, will customer cost for joining the opt-out plan allow a medical deduction for tax purposes?

Frank Norton
San Francisco

Japan prepared for quake

There are basically two types of countries: those that vigorously prepare for a natural disaster and those that do little or nothing beforehand and hope nothing bad ever happens. Luckily for Japan, it is one of those countries that tenaciously prepare for natural disasters. Based on the large number of earthquakes and tidal waves they have had in the past, they know it is just a matter of time before another one strikes.

And on Friday another did indeed strike, a powerful 8.9 earthquake and a tsunami which followed. But Japan was prepared, with strict building codes and the implementation of the latest technological measures to help minimize the devastating effects of earthquakes, which may have helped save tens of thousands of lives.

Kenneth L. Zimmerman
Huntington Beach

Bleeding the little guy

If Republicans get their way and the Democrats cave as they tend to do, the federal budget will be cut by billions of dollars that have funded popular programs relied on by millions. Passing the GOP budget cuts would result in devastating cuts to communities and individuals during these economic hard times.

The Democrats in Washington must take a lead from the folks in Wisconsin, Libya, Egypt and where ever else people are fighting for their survival.

Lee Goodin
San Francisco

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