Blame CCSF board for accreditation loss

CCSF devastated by loss of accreditation,” The City, Thursday

Blame CCSF board for accreditation loss

The City College of San Francisco accreditation debacle could have been avoided if the elected trustees had paid attention to the warning given in 2006. Four of the seven current trustees have been on the board since 2006, two since 2008 and one since last year.

They allowed CCSF to operate with a business model that essentially allowed the tail to wag the dog.

The disorganization and lack of attention to detail is astonishing. A June 2012 report mentioned that CCSF had between 100 and 200 “instructional sites,” but nobody could say exactly how many sites there actually are. Now San Francisco has to pay the price for the trustees' ineptness.

It may be necessary to close the institution for a year or two to reorganize and hire new staff. Allowing the same people who caused the problems to return to positions of authority would be a mistake

Howard Epstein,

San Francisco

Trustees should resign

We, the voters of San Francisco, are to blame for City College's imminent loss of accreditation and likely closure. We elected the college trustees.

The board of trustees was and remains responsible for the general oversight and fiscal health of the institution.

They routinely failed in that duty for at least a decade, yet we routinely re-elected the same people despite their follies. So they may be immediately responsible, but the buck ultimately stops at the ballot box, where we San Franciscans so foolishly elected them.

If there is to be any hope of saving City College, we must correct our mistake. Those trustees must be gotten rid of, and quickly, to be replaced by people who actually know what they're doing.

I respectfully invite the current trustees to resign, to avoid the expense of a recall campaign.

Mícheál McLoughlin,

San Francisco

•”BART's return a relief for area commuters as region heads back to work,” The City, Sunday

Many thanks to AC Transit

On July 2, I helped a friend get to her destination in Oakland from San Francisco. The AC Transit supervisor at the Transbay Terminal was very helpful in answering passengers' questions and directing people to the appropriate bus stop.

Also, the bus drivers for the Oakland bus system we met were professional and courteous.

On our evening return trip from Oakland at Broadway Street and 20th Street, we boarded a long AC Transit bus. When we boarded the AC Transit bus, no one had to pay a fare. This positive gesture for the passengers by AC Transit was a big public relations plus for AC Transit.

I commend AC Transit and the AC Transit bus drivers for doing a truly excellent job and serving the public so well.

Anh Le,

San Francisco

Helpful events listings

Keeping tabs on culture

Many thanks for listing so many unusual musical and cultural events each week in your calendar of events.

Because of this calendar, I was able to experience the extraordinary 52-voice youth choir of Melbourne, Australia, last Friday, July 5.

Their divine voices filled the sanctuary of Old St. Mary's Church on California Street with folk songs, primitive body-percussion chants, Bach, Handel and five-part harmony perfection.

What a great service you provide to our city. Thanks again.

Linda V. Nakamura ,

San Francisco

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