Bicyclists undeserving of special treatment

“Park police target scofflaw cyclists,”
The City, July 17

I read with interest excellent Ex columnist Joe Fitzerald Rodriguez’s article about scofflaw bicyclists and their admitted philosophy that traffic laws don’t apply to them.

Excuses range from “the streets aren’t safe”… So let us make them less safe by tearing through red lights. “It’s an economic issue” (bike fines) … Yes, we know there are poor automobile owners, but forget them. It’s all about us, is that so wrong?

Tellingly, as Joe writes, directly after that short interview, the poor bicycle messenger shot right through a red light on Stanyan. The Bicycle Coalition must be the the biggest crybabies and hypocrites of any local organization. They don’t even make a pretense that the violations don’t occur, they just want special rules for special people. At least that’s what Mom always told them.

John Dillon
San Bruno

Playing by the road rules

It’s good to see SFPD exercising courage to keep us safe from rogue cyclists. I was knocked down and seriously injured by a speeding cyclist who not only ran a red light but was going the wrong way! Yet there is no accountability for such actions.

Instead of attacking Capt. Sanford Jr. of Park Station, whose goal is to keep everyone safe, the bicycle coalition should work with him to encourage “playing by the road rules” for all cyclists and publicly criticize those cyclists who endanger the rest of us.

Sherrie Matza
San Francisco

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