Opinion: We need stronger relief measures

The effects of this pandemic will be felt for months. Families and businesses need more help to survive.

Opinion: One-hundred medical experts advocate for more hotels for the unhoused, and quickly

Increase our hotel capacity so people can truly socially distance

Opinion: Finding solutions to homelessness that last beyond the crisis

COVID-19 has inspired quick action. We need to maintain that urgency.

Opinion: Improving hazard resilience in the Bay Area

Even while struggling to stem coronavirus, we must prepare for the next natural disaster

Opinion: Why we are handing out tents during the coronavirus outbreak

How are people living on the streets expected to shelter-in-place?

Letter from the publisher: Local news, now more than ever

At Monday’s press conference when Mayor London Breed announced a shelter-in-place order for city residents

Opinion: Santa Rita is not the solution for housing San Francisco’s jail population

The City must find better ways to close the seismically unsafe County Jail #4

Opinion: The demolition of Out of the Closet will hurt public health

The City needs to protect free public health service providers

Opinion: The Tenderloin needs an innovation solution like safe injection sites

Criminalizing drug use is ineffective in curbing overdoses

Justice and safety demand the longest term possible for brutal killer-rapist

Decades later, family members of victims continue to ask for killer’s sentence to be extended

Opinion: Attack on senior highlights need for multicultural solutions

More services needed to bring community together

Opinion: We need greater transparency for San Francisco schools

The current school district budgeting process does not work

Restorative justice is exactly what’s needed in the case of the attack on a Bayview elder

Assault that went viral on video could lead to healing in the community

Trump administration’s new insurance rule puts sick patients at risk

Proposal ultimately would drive up healthcare spending

Mayor Breed should withdraw her endorsement of Michael Bloomberg

Endorsing the former NYC mayor is ‘no different than endorsing discrimination and hate’

San Francisco’s communications choice ordinance is working

By Preston Rhea San Francisco’s Communications Choice ordinance is alive and well,…

Imprisoning children isn’t an ‘immigration policy’

By Aaron Fellmeth Last summer, the Trump Administration adopted new rules that,…

I’ve experienced amputation. The Jamaica Hampton story is personal for me.

By Roisin Isner In December, Jamaica Hampton, 24, was shot multiple times…

Get ‘Big Agriculture’ out of cannabis farming in California

By Michael Polson Los Angeles Times California cannabis farmers are at a…

As new coronavirus spreads, another epidemic looms: ‘yellow peril’ racism

After an unexpected December trip to China’s Hunan province to bury her…