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In an age when celebrity was rare, one San Franciscan captivated the world with his ability to evade death.

Lincoln Beachey was a lady's man, a daredevil and the first superstar of the S.F. sky, writes Examiner columnist Gary Kamiya. 

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San Francisco will appeal a court ruling that limits The City’s ability to sweep encampments.

The move will escalate the case to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, reports the Examiner’s Adam Shanks.

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Did the San Francisco Board of Education just shimmy to the left?

The election of Kevine Boggess as president has implications for the political leanings of the body this year, reports The Examiner’s Allyson Aleksey.

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For humans, San Francisco’s formidable storms made the outdoors inhospitable.

For local wildlife, they’re a potentially positive inconvenience, reports the Examiner’s Margaret Hetherwick.

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“Cashed Out” started as a short play presented to audiences over Zoom. Now, the Native American drama is breaking boundaries on the S.F. stage.

The tragic exploration of family, addiction and basket-making premieres Thursday, writes Examiner contributor Anita Katz. 

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Quote of the Week

“Theater didn’t start with the Greeks. We’ve been doing it since the sun’s in the sky.”

– “Cashed Out” director Tara Moses, referring to Native Americans’ long tradition of theater and storytelling.

The State & The Bay

A serial killer dubbed the “Doodler” targeted gay men in S.F. from 1974-1975. The case remains unsolved.

SFPD has now maximized the potential reward for information leading to an arrest in the decades old investigation. Read more

Runway 1 Left, the SFO flight lane you may never have been formally introduced to, is taking a short hiatus.

It will return to duty after a standard asphalt face-lift. Here’s what to expect. Read more

This beloved Tenderloin performing arts venue is calling final curtains.

PianoFight plans to shutter its Oakland and S.F. locations in March.  Read more

Lyft is taking a line from your local library.

The ride-share company is rolling out late fees for tardy passengers. Read more

The Niners' unplanned star just received this unprecedented nomination.

And the Purdy party is raging on.  Read more

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