Woman sexually assaulted in SFSU dorm room; police hunt for attacker

An 18-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in a San Francisco State University dorm room, and campus police are searching for a college-age suspect.

The woman told SFSU police she was attacked after a creep duped her into believing she was walking into a dorm room party on Friday night, according to university police and student newspaper Golden Gate Xpress.

The woman, who was not a student, had gone with pals to attend a party at the Towers dorm building at Centennial Square around 8 p.m. She was left in the lobby while her pals tried to find the student who was holding the party.

The suspect, who likely overheard the woman chatting with her friends about the party, called out to her, “I know where you’re going. You can come with me,” police said.

She believed the suspect was “friendly enough” and went into an elevator with him, police said. As the elevator doors were closing, her pals emerged from an elevator across from hers and asked where she was headed. She said she tried to leave the elevator, but the doors closed. The elevator car shot up to an unknown floor, and the suspect brought the woman to an unknown room, police said.

“The victim followed the suspect into the room believing that a party was going on inside,” police said in their report.

After she was sexually assaulted, the woman said she was able flee and find her friends.

“It is not known whether the alleged assailant was a resident or a visitor,” SFSU spokeswoman Ellen Griffin said Thursday.

The suspect was described as a mixed-race man between ages 18 and 22. He had short hair, stood 5-feet 8-inches tall and weighed about 180 pounds, according to police.

Such attacks are not common at San Francisco State University. According to university data, three rapes were reported last year, but none in 2009. There were two sexual batteries reported in 2009, three in 2008 but none last year, the data showed.

Anyone with information on the incident are encouraged to contact Inspector Abe Leal at the San Francisco State University Police Department at (415) 338-7200 or (415) 338-2222.


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