Woman: Google Glass lead to anti-techie ‘hate crime’

A female tech writer says she was attacked and robbed at a Haight Street dive bar in what she called an anti-tech “hate crime,” after she angered the clientele by using Google Glass at last call.

Sarah Slocum says she was “verbally and physically assaulted… because of some Google Glass haters,” she posted on Facebook on Feb. 22.

Slocum was eagerly showing off the $1,500 computer glasses to fellow patrons at Molotov's on Haight Street on Friday night, KPIX first reported.

That's when this latest tech-fueled trouble began.

After two women confronted her with choice curse words — and informed her that techies like her are “destroying the city” with that tech-fueled gentrification we're hearing so much about — a man grabbed the computer glasses off of her face and ran out, she told news reporters.

“It happened at this bar called Molotov between Ashbury and Valencia and was started by these two girls who acted like they owned the place and must go there regularly because lots of their friends or the locals there started *haighting* too and backing them up,” she posted on Facebook.

Slocum gave chase and recovered her Glass, she says, but in the meantime someone inside the bar stole her purse, with her wallet and cellphone inside.

The Molotov's bar patrons tell a slightly different story, according to Eater SF.

Slocum was “running around very excited, and people were telling her, 'You're being a [rude person], take those glasses off,'” bar-goer Brian Lester told KPIX.

After the angry women confronted her, a male friend of Slocum's took “the fight physical,” Eater reported. At some point thereafter, the Glass was yanked off of her face.

“No one should be attacked” for wearing Glass, another Molotov's drinker added, “but a level of tact in that type of establishment may have behooved her.”

Slocum filed a police report and expects SFPD to get to the bottom of the theft and “hate crime” at once, she said.

“[W]hat makes this story special is that no one has experienced a hate crime or been targeted for a hate crime, which is what it was, for wearing Google Glass,” she posted.

Despite the attack, Slocum is still a dedicated Glass user — or, in her own words, a “#glasshead.”

“I hope this doesn't deter anyone from getting Google Glass,” she posted, adding that she was demonstrating the device to “one of the normal, excited and curious individuals there” just before the attack.

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