Woman burglarized by man posing as water department worker

A woman was burglarized by a man posing as a water department worker Saturday in the Sunset district, police said.

The suspect, who appeared to be in his 50s, just walked in uninvited after the 89-year-old victim answered a knock on the door of her residence in the 2500 block of 16th Avenue about 9:45 a.m., police said.

The man went to the kitchen and turned on the sink and told the victim he was there to check on the water. He then went into the victim’s bedroom and stole cash before fleeing. No arrest was made.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has been trying to spread word about this type of scam.

A similar incident occurred Dec. 18 in the same neighborhood, except in that case three men posed as water department workers and two of them distracted the victim while the third plundered the home.

Residents are advised to be alert and follow these safety tips:

– SFPUC workers should always have an official identification badge containing the agency and city logo.

– SFPUC workers usually arrive to a location in either a department vehicle with green striping and The City’s seal or a plain white city vehicle also with The City’s seal and an identification number.

– SFPUC workers never just show up at a home or business without an appointment.

– SFPUC workers will never ask for money.

– Most SFPUC projects take place on streets and sidewalks and other public right-of-ways and are publicly announced in advance.

– If something does not seem right, trust your instincts. You have the right to refuse entry to any individual, and if you feel threatened call 911.

For more information, visit www.sfwater.org or www.sf-police.org.

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