Cruise car

With more driverless vehicles, such as this Cruise, out on the streets of San Francisco, collisions may occur. Drivers should follow the rules by staying at the scene and calling 911 if involved in an accident with an autonomous vehicle.

When things are going right, self-driving cars fade into the background of life in San Francisco. But when things go wrong, many San Franciscans are baffled by their presence. That’s especially true when human drivers crash into their robot peers, the latest Department of Motor Vehicles data reveals.

Consider the following incident on the night of April 25. A driverless Cruise vehicle was traveling west along a one-way section of Sacramento Street when a silver Hyundai sedan came barreling down the street driving the wrong way. The autonomous Cruise came to a stop in an attempt to avoid the oncoming sedan, but to no avail. The Hyundai struck the front of the Cruise, causing “moderate” damage to the front of the self-driving car, according to a collision report filed with the DMV. “The driver of the silver Hyundai Sedan left the scene without exchanging information,” the report reads.

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