Weekend BART tracks open after repairs end early

Weekend BART passengers will suffer track closures no longer between the Balboa Park and Daly City stations now that extensive repair work has wrapped up ahead of schedule, according to BART officials.

The project was scheduled to close the tracks for seven weekends but wrapped up after just five weeks, BART said. During that time, passengers were forced to get off their trains and board buses traveling between the Glen Park and Daly City stations.

The project replaced miles of worn tracks, replaced an important crossover section that allows trains to move from one side of the tracks to the other and installed sound dampers to help muffle the sound of screeching rails as trains pass over them, BART said.

Repair crews also replaced more than 4,000 feet of rails and 930 old wooden tiles, installed 2,800 dampers and 1,600 feet of cable, reconfigured power systems, rebuilt a portion of the train control system and removed five dead or dying trees, according to BART.