Visitacion Valley residents could see influx of neighbors

The 390 residents who share a irregularly shaped 46-acre block of land in Visitacion Valley with empty storefronts and an abandoned factory can expect some new neighbors by 2025 — nearly 6,000 of them, along with new stores and office space.

The San Francisco Planning Department recently released an environmental impact report reviewing redevelopment plans for the land that surrounds the former Schlage Lock factory between Bayshore Boulevard and Tunnel Avenue.

The lock company deserted the factory in 1999, devastating the surrounding economy, putting thousands of employees out of work and leading surrounding shops and a major grocery store to close their operations, Supervisor Sophie Maxwell said.

The 46 acres of land proposed to be handed from The City to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency for a 30-year redevelopment project also stretches west for a little more than two blocks along Leland Avenue, according to the plans.

The rows of homes and stores on Leland Avenue would receive a facelift, with improved streets and new façades and plants envisioned in the plans.

“What we expect is to have really a beautiful Leland Avenue that goes right into the Schlage Lock site to connect this community with the other side of Bayshore Drive,” Maxwell said, adding that she thought a new grocery store could be wooed to the area.

If redeveloped, the empty triangle would fill with homes up to seven stories above ground-floor shops and offices along tree-lined streets and a 1-acre park, plans show.

The highest density developments in the project area will be clustered near the Sunnydale Muni station and at the Caltrain stop, redevelopment planner Tom Evans said.

A land deal and cleanup agreement that was reached earlier this month between two companies will help clear a path for the project, Evans said.

The northern part of the factory site will require 18 months of decontamination before construction can begin, but cleanup efforts in the southern section could take up to five years, Evans said, adding that project approval may be reached this year.

By the numbers

Proposed Visitacion Valley Redevelopment Area

46 acres Land within redevelopment area

390 Residents today

6,268 Residents expected by 2025

176 Residential units today

1,761 Residential units expected by 2025

25% Homes to be built for extremely low- to moderate-income earners

$43,700 Average Visitacion Valley income

$50,800 Average

San Francisco income

110 Buildings today

500 Buildings expected by 2025

89,933 Square feet of retail space today

218,433 Square feet of retail space expected by 2025

Sources: Planning Department, Redevelopment Agency