Uber drivers decry pay in latest protest

About a dozen Uber drivers protested Monday outside the company’s headquarters on Mission Street, demanding tip money and other compensation they feel the company has denied them.

The hourlong demonstration drew some 15 current and former Uber drivers. It was the fourth protest organized by the group Limo Network, and smaller than the first one several months ago that drew 60 drivers.

With the low turnout — 200 were expected — Limo Network may not protest again, said Ismail Cigerli, 30, who used to work for Uber and now co-owns his own company, Welcome Limousine.

“I think I’m just going to start a lawsuit against Uber for unfair competition,” he said.

Uber General Manager Ilya Abyzov interacted with the protestors, and the company said in a statement, “We’re extremely proud of the high marks we get from our partners on the service we provide, and we’re always happy to listen to feedback about how we can do better. Any partner who comes to our office today to give us feedback will be invited to talk to us in person to help resolve their issues.”

Also present were Chris Hayashi of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and two taxi investigators passing out fliers to recruit cabdrivers.

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