Two women assaulted in possible hate crime on Pink Saturday

Two women were assaulted in what police are investigating as a possible hate crime in South of Market on Pink Saturday.

The two victims, ages 27 and 24, were walking southbound on Ninth Street near Mission Street about 4:33 p.m. when six men attacked them, police said.

The 24-year-old victim was reportedly kicked and punched several times and sustained abrasions to her head, police said. The 27-year-old sustained a broken wrist.

Both women were hospitalized briefly, but their injuries were not life-threatening.

One of the suspects made derogatory comments to the victims, police said, before the group fled.

There were few details about the suspects available Monday and no arrests were reported.

The assault was one of many crimes that occurred over Pride weekend, and it was similar to a violent assault that occurred on Pink Saturday last year.

Three people were shot in the vicinity of Pride-related events over the weekend.

Last year on Pink Saturday, a woman was brutally injured after being kicked in the face and robbed near Market and Dolores streets.

Christopher Porter Bailey, 23, of Oakland was sentenced in May to six years in prison for that assault.

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