Trump deserves no passes — now is the time to panic and mobilize

The Loser-in-Chief — not President-elect — is how Trump should be referred to. By the latest count, he’s losing by more than ONE MILLION votes. And by the time the final vote is counted, that number could double. How’s that whole democracy thing workin’ out for you, America?

The fact that this dangerous buffoon actually LOST the election is just one more reason to treat his “presidency” with the contempt it richly deserves …

We have to mobilize and stay mobilized throughout the Trump regime, driven by the understanding that this aberrant leader is not our president and must be resisted, blocked, disrupted every day he clings to office. After the huge protests against the inauguration of the other disastrous President Electored, George W. Bush, and against his invasion of Iraq, we mostly went to sleep — and we kept slumbering throughout Obama I and II, as he maintained and even extended Bush’s wars and Orwellian security system. If we do that again under Trump, all is lost.

Like you, I’m trying to figure out the best ways to resist this dangerous regime. We have to join forces wherever it seems most effective in our communities — on campus, in union halls, in Democratic Party chapters, Green Party chapters, Black Lives Matter groups, in churches and temples and mosques. We need to run progressives for office, wage massive civil disobedience, talk to our fellow Americans and convince them we’re on a nightmarish path as a nation.

This week, I sent a message to other concerned media colleagues, proposing that we up our game and build our own “alt.left” to undermine Trump’s authority — a more coordinated and effective media machine, to investigate Trump and his cronies, and spread the damning truth about them.

I also propose that we prepare ourselves for this long struggle by reading books about earlier days of heated civil war in America — because that’s what it was back in the 1960s and early ’70s — as well as books about more recent social unrest and radical campaigns. You know what they say … those who don’t learn from history are doomed to endless reruns. Or as old Karl said, history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce. Or sometimes, like now, as tragedy AND farce combined …

Some of the more optimistic people on the Left are telling us not to panic, because institutions like Congress and the Washington bureaucracy will somehow impede Trump’s worst instincts. Don’t bet on it. The Republican-controlled Congress cowers before his bullying swagger, the Supreme Court will soon be his, and he’s appointing a rogue’s gallery of department chiefs who will make sure that these agencies bend to his will.

So the question of the moment is this: What is the relationship between Trump and the deep state, i.e. the vast matrix of national security intrigue and high finance where power truly resides in America? The Clinton campaign and the liberal press made a big deal of how Trump insulted and alienated national security types. But he clearly has his supporters in this labyrinthine world (particularly within the FBI). And his promises to unleash Wall Street and the corporate world, so they can wreak yet more economic and environmental havoc, made the Dow’s heart jump for joy after the election.

My guess is that an intricate dance has already begun between Trump and the deep state. They might very well become tight partners. Or, given his megalomania, he might increasingly alienate these keepers of security and order — particularly if he overreaches with his racial profiling, Muslim registering, general bigotry and the fabric of the country (already deeply frayed) gets dangerously ripped. If that happens, and the country begins to come apart — a very real possibility, as anyone who has felt the rising tensions on the streets well knows — then the deep state will move against Trump, as it did against Nixon.

At that point, some young, ambitious reporters at the Washington Post or Politico or wherever will be fed explosive leaks about Trump and his business dealings, the impeachment machinery will begin loudly clattering to life, and Trump’s days will be numbered … Unless, of course, Trump proves to be a more ruthless and tenacious wielder of power than Nixon (a good possibility) and the authoritarian impulse in America, already far advanced by now, is too strong for even the saner elements at the FBI, CIA etc. to control.

In any case, we’re in for a bumpy ride. Fasten your seat belts … Not since Mad magazine’s ever sanguine Alfred E. Neuman (“What, me worry?) have we heard so many talking heads tell us not to fret this week. Of course these overpaid TV hacks have nothing to worry about under a Trump regime! They will go merrily along raking in their millions (Brian Williams’ annual MSNBC salary: $10 million) as they keep dispensing their lies and utter banalities. “The people have spoken … we must respect the system … that’s what’s great about America, we go peacefully and orderly over the cliff at times like this, blah, blah, blah”). Don’t be pacified. Stay angry. The streets belong to the people, even if Washington doesn’t

David Talbot is a San Francisco-based writer and activist. He is the author of “Season of the Witch” and “The Devil’s Chessboard” among others. Feed the Beast is curated from Talbot’s social media feed.

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