The Game II: A no-brainer

A little of this, and a lot of that …

» Trojan fans don’t want to hear it, and neither will Gators, Razorbacks, or Irishmen … but if you canimagine a better national championship game than Ohio State-Michigan, The Sequel, then your imagination is on


» After watching that 42-39 fireworks show from their side-by-side reclining clouds high over the Horseshoe on Saturday, Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes deliberately played to a scoreless tie in a game of pinochle. Just on principle.

» Not to get all political on ya, but that whole federal trade deficit thing is starting to make sense. When a great American corporation like the Boston Red Sox has to fork over $51.1 million to a Japanese company just for the right to pay a Japanese import tens of millions of dollars to play in the States, it’s game, set, and match — Empire.

» Now I know why my neighbor was wiring three grand to Sony last week. He was buying the right to pay $600 for that new PS3 thing.

» Coming soon to Fox: Barry Bonds goes one-on-one with America in an exclusive prime-time special: “If I did steroids, here’s how it happened!” The two-night event would begin with a close up of Barry’s classroom globe of a head, a sly wink of the eye, and a Four-hour reading of “Game of Shadows.”

» Speaking of Orenthal James Simpson, isn’t it time we start calling him by a more appropriate first name? From now on, let’s make it official: He’s O.G., not O.J. You might have to look that one up.

» Classy move, by the way, on the part of the “Dead Schembechlers”, a Columbus-based punk-rock band whose four members are all named Bo … and who dress like Woody. They donated all proceeds from their final show on Friday to a charity of the Schembechler family’s choosing, and then promptly disbanded the group.

» With all the coverage ESPN gave Bobby Knight’s chin-lifting of Texas Tech’s Michael Prince last week, you’d think the General hit his player with a folding steel chair, followed by a barbed-wire-covered two-by-four and a belly-to-back suplex at center court. “Knight strikes player,” ran the

network’s on-screen headline for two full days, despite statements from the player, the player’s family, and the Texas Tech administration, all corroborating Knight’s “Keep your chin up!” admonishment. No need to tell a story in context, Espen — not when there’s controversy to be sold.

» Tell you what: If somebody had ever accused my dad of “striking” me every time he lifted my chin when my eyes found my shoes during a man-to-man, he’d have spent 10-to-20 in striped sunlight.

» Scoreboard: Cincinnati 30, Rutgers 11. One week after beating No. 3 Louisville to move into the national championship discussion? What happened? The Knights watched a few minutes of Ohio State game film and decided this was a discussion they weren’t comfortable having, that’s what.

» And finally, can someone please check Coach Knight’s availability for a quick stop-over in Oakland? There’s this Moss kid who’s feeling a little down right now, who could really use some “chin repositioning.”

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