Suspected bank robber falls during rooftop getaway

This suspected bank robber's charges are through the roof.

A man accused of attempting to break into an ATM in the Portola neighborhood early this morning reportedly fell through the hole of the roof of an apartment building while fleeing police.

Police were called to the Bank of America at 2485 San Bruno Ave. about 3:45 a.m. regarding a man lurking with a crowbar. The suspect fled onto the rooftops when police showed up.

The Fire Department brought a ladder truck so police could inspect the rooftops. The cops found the man, but he fell into an apartment building as they ordered his hands up, police said.

“There was a hole in the roof where he fell through,” Sgt. Wilford Williams told NBC Bay Area. “As we were ordering him to come and show up his hands, he just went through the roof.”

He was taken into custody about 5 a.m. without further incident, Officer Gordon Shyy said.

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