Supes introduce measure to separate SF’s ‘behemoth’ transit agency

Supervisors Ahsha Safai and Aaron Peskin on Tuesday introduced a charter amendment for the June 2018 election to split the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency into two separate agencies.

“The reason that we are splitting it is because it has grown to be a behemoth,” Safai told the San Francisco Examiner.

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If approved by voters, the charter amendment would create the Department of Livable Streets to oversee issues including parking, traffic calming measures, Vision Zero and bicycle and pedestrian safety.

The SFMTA would continue to oversee Muni.

The Board of Supervisors would have final approval over parking and traffic matters dealt with by the Department of Livable Streets, which would have a separate department head than the SFMTA.

Safai said the same commission that oversees Muni would also oversee the Department of Livable Streets, and all members would be appointed by the mayor.
The Board of Supervisors has to vote to place the charter on the ballot.

“This Board of Supervisors is chomping at the bit for this type of reform,” Safai said. “They want the neighborhoods to have some say, and they want this behemoth bureaucracy to grow smaller.”

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