Sienna Miller says sorry to Pittsburgh

Sienna Miller apologized to the city of Pittsburgh for some snarky comments she made in Rolling Stone magazine about the town.

Miller, who is more famous for being cheated on by Jude Law and taking him back than any movies she’s actually done, is in Pittsburgh filming the big-screen adaptation of Michael Chabon’s novel, “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.”

“Can you believe this is my life? Will you pity me when you’re back in your funky New York apartment andI’m still in Pittsburgh? I need to get more glamorous films and stop with my indie year,” the 24-year-old British actress said in the latest edition of the magazine, which hit the racks on Friday.

City officials and local media started crucifying her immediately, forcing Miller to do some serious PR spin, using the standard “it was taken out of context” excuse.

Now Law isn’t the only one in their relationship who has had to publicly apologize for doing something stupid.

Hey, she’s still more together than Lindsay Lohan

Actress Keisha Castle-Hughes, 16, and her boyfriend of three years, Bradley Hull, 19, are expecting their first child in the spring.

Hey, at 16, we hope it’s her first child.

Lest you forget, in 2002, at the age of 13, the New Zealand-native became the youngest person nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in “Whale Rider.”

Irony alert! Hughes stars in the upcoming “The Nativity Story,” in which she plays the Virgin Mary in the story of the birth of Jesus.

Save your tickets for the ‘Clean and Sober’ tour

In news that should surprise absolutely no one, Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty started slipping back into his druggie ways the minute he got out of rehab and started touring again.

Doherty and on-again girlfriend Kate Moss got into a brawl over the weekend because Doherty, who has been arrested so many times in the last year that we’ve lost count, isn’t staying clean and sober.

“Kate is angry Pete is on the road so soon after being in rehab,” a source told The Sun. “He is clearly back on drugs and she can’t see how he can stay clean on tour.”

The band has decided to do something right by Doherty, postponing the remainder of its tour, so the rocker-turned-professional junkie can continue to focus on his rehabilitation.

“The band apologizes to fans but hopes that they will understand the importance of Peter being able to best continue his good progress in recovering from addiction,” the band’s record label EMI said. “The dates will be rearranged for as soon as possible and all tickets will remain valid.”

Father doesn’t know best

Speaking of public train wrecks, actor-comedian-repeated-rehabber Andy Dick has no problem letting his underage son drink alcohol … in public, no less.

At a New York party for Andy’s latest movie, “Employee of the Month,” 18-year-old Lucas was spotted sipping a Budweiser.

“No, no, no — he’s not an alcoholic like me,” Andy told The New York Daily News. “He’ll have one beer and be done with it. He’s been drinking. I’m not going to try to control him. I can’t say anything, because he’s doing better than me. Who am I to slap his wrists? I learn from him.”

If you think that’s strange, it gets worse. Andy went on to say really disturbing things about his son

“He’s really great,” Andy said. “Every time I go anywhere with him, I immediately say, ‘This is my son,’ because it looks like we’re lovers because he’s so handsome.”

All together now, “Ewwwww.”

We haven’t been this creeped out since Donald Trump all but said he was hot for his daughter Ivanka on “The View.”

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