SFPD puts up barricades next to Occupy SF

San Francisco police erected barricades near the Occupy SF encampment less than 12 hours after the Occupy camp in Oakland was raided by police.

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At about 2 p.m., San Francisco police put barricades on the northwestern and southwestern corners of Justin Herman Plaza.

Protesters shouted at the police officers, saying the police planned to “cage us like animals.”

One police officer told the protesters that they were “not going to just come in here and knock stuff down,” and that there would be “ample warning” before police action.

The barricades went up at a time of heightened awareness among protesters about a police raid on the San Francisco camp.

There was talk among the protesters that after Mayor Ed Lee won the mayoral race last week there would be a police raid.

Before the election, Lee had softened his stance on the encampment, which has gained the support of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors despite complaints from local businesses.

Oakland police also moved into the Occupy Oakland encampment early Monday morning, arresting dozens and removing the tents from Frank Ogawa Plaza.

The city of Portland, Ore., also removed protesters this weekend from an Occupy Wall Street encampment there.


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