SFMTA to start collecting late fees on fines again starting September 1

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will begin collecting late fees for citations again on September 1.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will begin collecting late fees for citations again on September 1.

The fees, suspended as part of the agency’s initial response to the shelter-in-place order, are now considered vital to rectifying the estimated $568 million loss in revenue over the next four years.

“Revenue from citations and late penalties allows us to continue to provide critical transportation services for essential works and transit-dependent customers,” the SFMTA website says.

The transit agency expected to collect $100 million in traffic fines this fiscal year, up from an estimated $89 million the year prior, according to a presentation given to the SFMTA Board of Directors on March 3.

Much of the traffic fine revenue increase would be attributed to “redoubled enforcement and staffing,” as well as upping fines for offenses such as parking in bike lanes or fire lanes, riding scooters on sidewalks or blocking wheelchair access ramps.

Citations for Muni fare evasions remain stable at $125 for adults and $64 for youth.

All tickets issued before July 21 must be paid in full before the September 1 deadline.

Low-income individuals who wish to enroll in a payment or community service plan — two options intended to decriminalize citations — must do so by the same date.

Roughly 20,000 people each month handled their SFMTA business, including late fees payment, at the customer service center at 11 South Van Ness. However that location shut down in March in response to the shelter-in-place order, and it remains closed until further notice.

SFMTA has recently expanded alternate service delivery options, moving many functions online and adding functions to three ticket sales kiosks across The City, where customers can now pay parking and transit citations, purchase low-income monthly passes and obtain Clipper cards or youth/senior cards.

Located at Bay and Taylor streets, Powell and Market streets and Presidio Avenue and Geary Boulevard, the three kiosks operate from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., seven days a week except on holidays and other posted breaks.

An estimated 75% of the transactions previously conducted at South Van Ness will be moved either online or to these alternate sites, allowing for fewer crowds and more social distance.

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