SFMTA seeks input on where commuter shuttles could share Muni bus stops

With a pilot program in the pipeline to charge commuter shuttles for using Muni stops, community members are being encouraged to weigh in on which locations will be included.

Through Feb. 23, the public can visit an interactive map at sfcommutershuttles.sfmta.com to provide feedback on suggested stops where shuttles will pay $1 per usage per day. Participants can also add new locations for consideration.

Questions posed to the public include, “Are there locations where there are operational issues like traffic that you see or experience around the shuttles?” and, “Are there locations that you feel are inappropriate for shuttle stops, why — and where should these shuttles stop instead?”

Alternatively, those interested can attend two-hour open house meetings to express their ideas in person to San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency staff. The first is scheduled for Monday at 6 p.m. at agency headquarters at 1 South Van Ness Ave. and the next on Feb. 22 at 10:30 a.m. at Mission High School.

Despite heated opposition from some San Francisco residents and anti-displacement protesters, the 18-month pilot received the green light from SFMTA board members Jan. 21. Of the more than 2,500 Muni stops citywide, 200 will be selected for commuter shuttle use.

Workers in tech and other industries that rely on the private transportation mode tout, among other things, that the shuttles eliminate an estimated 45 million vehicle miles traveled and 761,000 metric tons of carbon from the region every year. The pilot is slated to launch July 1.

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