SF to use recreational vehicles, vacant hotel rooms as quarantine space

Announcement comes as city reaches 14 diagnosed coronavirus cases

San Francisco will use leased recreational vehicles as temporary quarantine space for people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and people exposed to the virus who do not have adequate housing to self quarantine, city officials announced Tuesday morning.

The vehicles will be placed in various locations throughout The City. The City is also seeking vacant residential space and unused hotel rooms to be used as quarantine space.

“Not everyone in our city has access to housing where they can go if they are infected or are exposed to the virus,” said Mayor London Breed. “It’s important that we take measures like this to care for our most vulnerable residents, including people who are homeless.”

The announcement comes on the heels of another confirmed COVID-19 case in The City, bringing the total number of San Francisco cases to 14. Most patients are reported to be in good condition and self quarantined at home, while two are hospitalized.

City health officials will make recommendations to the The City’s Emergency Operations Center regarding candidates for the temporary quarantine space. The EOC will transport individuals to the temporary housing and provide necessary supplies for the stay.

“Being able to self-isolate or quarantine for at least 14 days is not a viable option for everyone,” said Mary Ellen Carroll, San Francisco Department of Emergency Management’s executive director. “Many of us live in shared living spaces, making the coronavirus spread much more likely. We need to help these individuals by giving them temporary isolated housing while aggressively reducing the spread of the virus in San Francisco.”

The Department of Public Health is posting the latest updates and recommendations from health officials online here.

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