SF State students walk out of classes to protest cuts, fees

Angry San Francisco State students are walking out on classes this afternoon in order to protest cuts proposed and additional fees proposed to California State Universities, according to the student newspaper the Golden Gate Express.

Student journalists estimate some 500 students are walking around campus encouraging other students to join in their protest.

San Francisco State had to cut an estimated $32 million this budget year. The overall California State University system had to trim $500 million because of state budget cuts to higher education.

State officials had hoped fall revenues would increase and prevent further cuts. That didn’t happen. As a result the higher university system could face a $100 million midyear cut.

The CSU board of trustees is asking the state for an increase in funding this week. Without it, CSU’s could see a tuition increase of 9 percent. CSU’s already raised their tuition and fees by roughly 29 percent this school year.

During Tuesday’s protest, students reportedly left IOU’s on campus buildings and stuck post-it notes with complaints on walls.

The protest began around 11 a.m.


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