SF State launching new crackdown on smokers

Smokers who continue to light up in non-smoking areas on the San Francisco State University campus will face stiffer penalties – a $58 fine for each violation – starting April 12, the university said.

On that date, the university will also reduce the number of designated smoking areas on campus to four, it said.

Despite a policy enacted in 2004 in which smoking was banned campus-wide except for designated areas, smokers continue to break the rules, President Robert A. Corrigan said in a statement.

“We have tried for several years to uphold the policy through educational campaigns and voluntary respect for the health requirements of non-smokers,” he said.

Citation revenue will be used to fund anti-smoking campaign efforts on campus, the school said.

Students who fail to pay fines will have a financial hold placed on their accounts, restricting their ability to register for classes, it said.

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